I am loving yoga

I have started learning yoga and am loving it more than any exercise I have ever done. I can’t yet attend classes because Emma is too young, but I am learning the moves and breathing from two great books I have that go through the movements and breathing step-by-step.

For years, I have wanted to learn yoga, but just never did. I knew that I would love it. In a way I am glad that I waited. Now seems the perfect time to start. Life has slowed down, it’s quieter, calmer, I am taking things in, learning to live in the moment, learning to see things differently, appreciate them. I am more creative and full of dreams. Starting to feel more and love more deeply.

I have been doing yoga now for about 3 weeks. My posture has already begun to change – I am sitting straighter, I am more aware of my breathing, becoming more aligned with my body, more grounded. I am making healthier food choices, my emotions feel calmer. Yoga is helping me to feel amazing, healthy and radiant.

I am looking forward to where this journey will take me. Already it is having such a positive effect on my life. I can’t wait to teach Emma one day.