It is what it is

Some days are just so hard.

Those days when I am trying to write just one article or edit just a few photos, but my baby does not want to leave my arms. She is only happy and smiling when sitting in my lap or walking around the house with me.

It is hard and frustrating and sometimes I just want to scream. Babies are hard work and they often demand all of your time, day and night. There is nothing that can prepare soon-to-be parents for this. And it’s a HUGE shock when it happens.

But slowly I am finding it gets better as I adjust to this new world order. Emma is 8 months old now and I am managing to get quite a few things done, on some days.

I’ve learnt that when I get frustrated, the best thing to do is stop resisting, breathe deeply, and gently remind myself: “It is what it is.” This mantra calms me.I then take Emma for a walk outside. We both feel better.

I then return to a bit of work. I am learning to work in 15 – 20 minute stretches. My multi-tasking skills are becoming kickass. Some days, you’ll find me on the floor with my laptop on my knees as I push Emma in her swing that hangs from the door frame and type in between swings. It’s crazy and frantic but somehow it works and I get things done.